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  1. Does Online Evaluation Correspond to Offline Evaluation in Query Auto-Completion? ECIR 2017
    A BampoulidisJ Palotti, J BrasseyM Lupu, A Hanbury
    [Bibtex, PDF]
  2. Fixed-Cost Pooling Strategies based on IR Evaluation Measures. ECIR 2017
    A.LipaniJ Palotti, M LupuF PiroiG Zuccon,  A Hanbury
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  3. Fixed Budget Pooling Strategies based on Fusion Methods. SAC 2017
    A.Lipani,M LupuJ Palotti, G Zuccon,  A Hanbury
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  4. CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab Overview. CLEF 2017
    L Goeuriot, L Kelly,H SuominenA Névéol, A Robert, E Kanoulas, R Spijker, J Palotti, G Zuccon
    [Bibtex, PDFGithub]
  5. CLEF 2017 Task Overview: The IR Task at the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab. CLEF 2017
    J Palotti, G ZucconJimmy,  P PecinaM LupuL GoeuriotL KellyA Hanbury
    [Bibtex, PDFGithub]
  6. Exploring Understandability Features to Personalize Consumer Health Search. CLEF 2017
    J PalottiN Rekabsaz
  7. Leveraging Wikipedia’s Article Structure to Build Search Agents. CLEF 2017
    J Palotti


  1. Assessors Agreement: A Case Study across Assessor Type, Payment Levels, Query variations and Relevance Dimensions. CLEF 2016 [BEST PAPER AWARD]   clef2016_best_paper_award
    J PalottiG Zuccon, J BernhardtL Goeuriot, A Hanbury
    [BibtexPDF, Github, Slides]
  2. The IR Task at CLEF eHealth evaluation labs 2016: user-centred health information retrieval. CLEF 2016
    G ZucconJ PalottiL GoeuriotL KellyM Lupu, H Müller, J Budaher, A Deacon
    [Bibtex, PDF, Github, Slides]
  3. Overview of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2016. CLEF 2016
    L KellyL Goeuriot, H SuominenA NévéolJ PalottiG Zuccon
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  4. How Users Search and What They Search for in the Medical Domain – Understanding Laypeople and Experts Through Query Logs. Information Retrieval Journal 2016
    J PalottiA Hanbury, H MüllerC Kahn
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  5. Ranking Health Web Pages with Relevance and Understandability. SIGIR 2016
    J Palotti, G ZucconL GoeuriotA Hanbury
    [Bibtex, PDF, Github, Poster]
  6. Beyond Topical Relevance: Studying Understandability and Reliability in Consumer Health Search. SIGIR 2016
    J Palotti
    [Bibtex, PDF, Slides]
  7. Query Variations and their Effect on Comparing Information Retrieval Systems. CIKM 2016
    G Zuccon, J Palotti, A Hanbury
    [Bibtex, PDF, Github]
  8. Learning to Rank for Personalized E-Commerce Search at CIKM Cup 2016, CIKM Cup 2016 Workshop
    J Palotti
    [BibtexPDF, SlidesGithub]
  9. When is the time ripe for natural language processing for passage patent retrieval? CIKM 2016
    L Andersson, M LupuJ PalottiA Hanbury, A Rauber
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  10. Building Evaluation Datasets for Consumer-Oriented Information Retrieval. LREC 2016
    L GoeuriotL KellyG ZucconJ Palotti 
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  11. Interactive Exploration of Healthcare Requests. CBMI 2016
    A BampoulidisJ Palotti, J BrasseyM Lupu, S Metallidis, A Hanbury
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  1. The Influence of Pre-processing on the Estimation of Readability of Web Documents. CIKM 2015
    J Palotti, G ZucconA Hanbury
    [Bibtex, Github, PDF]
  2. TUW @ MediaEval 2015 Retrieving Diverse Social Images TaskMediaEval 2015
    S Sabetghadam, J PalottiN Rekabsaz, M Lupu, A Hanbury
    [Bibtex, Github, PDF]   Best system in the task ♦
  3. TUW @ TREC Clinical Decision Support Track 2015. TREC 2015
    J Palotti, A Hanbury
    [BibtexGithubPDF Second Best system in task B ♦
  4. Overview of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2015. CLEF 2015
    L GoeuriotL KellyH SuominenL HanlenA Névéol, C GrouinJ PalottiG Zuccon
    [Bibtex, Github, WebsitePDF]
  5. CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2015, Task 2: Retrieving Information About Medical Symptoms. CLEF 2015
    J Palotti, G ZucconL Goeuriot, L KellyA Hanbury, G JonesM LupuP Pecina
    [Bibtex, Github, WebsitePDF, Talk]
  6. Diagnose This If You Can – On the Effectiveness of Search Engines in Finding Medical Self-diagnosis Information. ECIR 2015
    G Zuccon, B Koopman, J Palotti
    [Bibtex, Github, OnTheMediaPDF]


  1. ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014, Task 3: User-centred Health Information Retrieval. CLEF 2014
    L Goeuriot, L Kelly, W Li, J Palotti, P Pecina, G Zuccon, A Hanbury, G Jones, H Müller
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  2. Overview of the ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014. CLEF 2014
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  3. User intent behind medical queries: an evaluation of entity mapping approaches with metamap and freebaseIIiX 2014
    J PalottiV Stefanov, A Hanbury
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  4. Insight to Hyponymy Lexical Relation Extraction in the Patent Genre Versus Other Text Genres. IPaMin@KONVENS 2014
    L Andersson, M LupuJoão Palotti, F Piroi, A Hanbury, A Rauber
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  5. TUW @ Retrieving Diverse Social Images Task 2014. MediaEval 2014
    J PalottiN Rekabsaz, M Lupu, A Hanbury
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  6. TUW @ TREC Clinical Decision Support Track. TREC 2014
    J PalottiN Rekabsaz, L AndersonA Hanbury
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  7. Exploiting health related features to infer user expertise in the medical domain. WSCD 2014
    J PalottiA HanburyH Müller
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  1. Khresmoi – Multilingual Semantic Search of Medical Text and Images. MedInfo 2013
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  1. Assessing documents’ credibility with genetic programming. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2011
    J Palotti, T Salles, G Pappa, M Gonçalves, W Meira Jr.
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  1. Estimating the Credibility of Examples in Automatic Document Classification. JIDM 2010
    J Palotti, T Salles, G Pappa, F Arcanjo, M Gonçalves, W Meira Jr.
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  1. From an artificial neural network to a stock market day-trading system: A case study on the BM&F BOVESPA. IJCNN 2009
    L Martinez, D HoraJ Palotti, W Meira Jr., G Pappa
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  2. Modelagem de Desempenho de Plataformas Servidoras Multi-Camadas. [Portuguese] SBRC 2009
    I VianaJ Palotti, G RodriguesJ Almeida, V Almeida
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  1. Analisando os Compromissos de Segurança eEnergia no Gerenciamento Autonômico de Capacidade. [Portuguese] SBRC 2008
    I VianaJ Palotti, I CunhaJ Almeida, V Almeida
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  2. Gerenciamento Autonômico de Capacidade em Face de Ataques de Segurança. [Portuguese] SBC 2008
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  3. Analyzing security and energy tradeoffs in autonomic capacity management. NOMS 2008
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